New Year's Resolution

6 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Journey to School

2020 has just arrived and what better way to celebrate than with fun, healthy and sustainable resolutions? If you’re struggling to come up with your resolutions, check out these 6 tips from 3PR that will improve your physical health, reduce congestion and lower greenhouse gas emissions!

New Year's Resolution_Intro

Feel like a super hero with these 6 New Year’s Resolutions.

1 | Give Car Sharing a Go

There are endless advantages to car sharing with other families in your neighbourhood. Just imagine how much fuel you could save by carrying out just one or two journeys a week! Not only would this save money, but it would also lower levels of greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the number of cars outside school.

New Year's Resolution_Car Sharing

Car sharing reduces the number of vehicles on the road, thereby lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Car sharing with other families also gives children the opportunity to mingle with peers who may not be in their class or year group. This will boost their confidence, expand their vocabulary and help them to make new friends.

New Year's Resolution_Car Share Social

Car sharing can help children to form new friendships.

2 | Leave a Little Earlier

The most common excuse for inconsiderate parking is that families simply don’t have enough time in the morning. Once parents have got themselves ready, fed and dressed their children and got out the door, there’s very little time left to find a suitable parking space and walk the remaining distance to school.

New Year's Resolution_Early

Mornings are always a bit of a rush when you have young children.

What’s 3PR’s magic solution, you ask? Simply get up and leave a little earlier! Changing your routine may be tricky at first, but you’ll soon feel the benefits of getting more exercise and fresh air first thing in the morning.

New Year's Resolution_Get Up Early

Setting that alarm clock a little earlier will guarantee you get to school on time and find a suitable parking space.

3 | Document Your Journey  

Documenting your journey to school will help your family to track all the healthy changes you’re making to your routine. This will hopefully motivate you to keep travelling to school in a more sustainable way and help you to remember the interesting things you’ve seen along the way.

New Year's Resolution_Document Your Journey

Documenting your journey will help you to remember the memories you made on your way to school.

Why not create a scrapbook with photos or drawings of animals, plants, artwork or people you see on your journey? You might also want to keep lists of things you learnt or discussed, or games you’ve played.

New Year's Resolution_Scrap Book

Why not fill a scrapbook full of things you’ve seen or spoken about on your journey to school?

4 | Grab Your Bike or Scooter

Christmas has only just passed, so hopefully your child is still feeling enthusiastic about their new bike or scooter. Kids are often more motivated to scoot or cycle than they are to walk, as it makes the journey shorter and adds an extra element of fun.

 New Year's Resolution_Cycle to School

Bikes and scooters encourage children to travel to school in a more sustainable way.

Walking alongside a child on a bike or scooter will also mean adults don’t have to slow their pace. This improves efficiency on your journey and helps both parents and children to get a better workout.

New Year's Resolution_Work Out

Get a great workout by running or walking alongside your child’s bike or scooter.

5 | Stay Safe

Walking to school or taking part in Park & Stride is fantastic, but we mustn’t forget the risks. When travelling in the dark, winter’s mornings, remember to wear reflective clothing, invest in bike and scooter lights, and follow a well-lit route. You should also check the weather before you leave home, so you can avoid being out in the rain or snow for too long.

New Year's Resolution_Stay Safe

Follow well-lit routes on your walk, scoot or cycle to school.

Whatever the weather, you should also remember basic road safety. Listen, look and hold your child’s hand when crossing the road and do your best to find a safe place to cross. This can be challenging near a school, where roads may be full of parked vehicles. Try to avoid stepping out between these cars, as you may not be spotted by oncoming vehicles. If there is absolutely nowhere else to cross, use the “peep and creep” method to edge forward slowly until you’re sure there is no approaching traffic.

New Year's Resolution_Road Safety

Always find a safe place to cross the road, even if it makes your journey to school a little longer!

6 | Collect Your Tokens

Don’t forget to collect your tokens whenever your school’s 3PR patrol is out! You may be in a rush to get into school, but don’t let this prevent your child’s class from winning the 3PR cup and certificate.

New Year's Resolution_3PR winner

Your New Year’s Resolutions could help your child to win the 3PR trophy.

If you want to do more to help your school community in 2020, why not volunteer to be part of your 3PR patrol? You could play a major role in encouraging other families to travel sustainably and park safely outside school. You’ll also get an extra boost of fresh air in the morning and be able to greet other families as they arrive in school.

New Year's Resolution_Volunteer

Volunteer to be part of your school’s 3PR patrol to spend more time with your child in the morning.