Leigh Beck Infant and Nursery School, Canvey Island

Leigh Beck is found set back from a busy road near the far end of Canvey Island, it is a large infant school, with 290 pupils last year. Their pupils live on average 994m from the school, with half within 705m.

Their recent pupil survey in June 2018 showed that 41% of the pupils walked all the way to school, 10% scooted, and 17% used their park-and-stride arrangement with the local football club, about 400m from the school entrance

They’ve used active travel and their school travel plan to achieve Healthy Schools enhanced status, and really see the benefits of so many of their pupils walking to school.

Many parents, blocked the entrance and exit to the school, parking on yellow crosshatched areas to drop their children, and then reversed out, while others were still walking. There was a low take up for our loose relationship with the local football ground, to Park and Stride.

Yes. Claire has done a lot of liaising with the football ground to formalise the scheme, that we would not have been able to do. More parents use the Park and Stride than before. Parents are not able to block the entrance or exit now, and more are dropping their children away from the immediate site.

It has raised lots of discussion about why we need to park further away and we have had lots of positive feedback from parents about trying to tackle the issue. They feel their children are safer as a result and that we appreciate them going to the trouble of parking further away.

The children are excited to receive tokens and see who wins the cup. Many children have enjoyed giving out the tokens too.

We have chatted to children and parents as they arrive and promote it in assembly and on our newsletter. Staff have been used, if no parents can help that day.

The signs blocking the entrances have been great, but we can’t afford to buy them at the moment. This concerns me.

This project has had a productive impact on the school and surrounding community, especially on days the tokens are given out. The children have really identified with it and love the token system of being able to take part. As a governing body we are looking forward to continued success with it – Governors