Our challenge is one that we do not face alone, but one faced by many across the UK: the subject of parking around schools, and the congestion and safety concerns that can occur.

Any parent who completes the school run on a daily basis will, at times, experience the pressure on the road network that a lot of children and vehicles, all arriving at the same location for the same short period of time, can bring.

Children need to be taken to school and while we fully encourage and support the use of alternative travel to school, we fully understand that many parents have no other choice and often depend on the car for the school run.

The Parking Partnership has created a new and exciting project called the School Parking Initiative where we aim to actively engage with the schools and offer guidance and advice on good parking practices and alternative travel to school.

We welcome the use of the car as a mode of transport and want to use this parking initiative to encourage parents to consider how they park and the impact that may have on the surrounding areas.

A character called 3PR has been designed to help deliver a positive message about school parking and 3PR provides advice and guidance to children, parents and the residents on safe and considerate parking practices.

To help deliver this message 3PR has created this website which provides all the information required to make a big difference to your school and the surrounding area.

The school children will also be helping to support this scheme by taking part in some of 3PR’s exciting parking initiatives and learning activities.

It is our view that a few slight changes in parking habits and how we perceive parking around schools will make a big difference.

So please support your School and the children in fully accepting the challenge of taking part in this initiative and making the difference.



Always following the
3 Parking Rules when parking
near a school…


Be careful where you park.
Don’t cause an obstruction.
Use a Car Park if available.


Respect the school’s parking policy.
Always consider the neighbours.
Don’t block driveways.
Be polite and courteous.
If possible walk or cycle instead.


Look out for other children not
just your own.
Always observe the speed limits.
Stay off the pavement.