The 3PR School Parking Initiative

The aim of the School Parking Initiative is to engage with the school, the children, the parents and the local residents to promote a good working relationship and understanding of the needs of everyone. This will be achieved through:

  • engagement with the pupils providing education, learning activities and reward schemes for good parking practices (children are the next generation of drivers)
  • distribution of educational material to parents and residents on considerate parking and the impact of inconsiderate parking on the local area
  • an understanding of residents that cars will need to be accommodated on the highway at peak school times and that provided the cars park sensibly, this should be encouraged
  • an understanding from the parents that inconsiderate parking is discouraged and not supported by the school.
  • alternative travel to school schemes

The issue of parent school parking presents many challenges to the local authorities and there is no “one size fits all” solution. Historically, the implementation of parking restrictions does not offer an effective solution unless a high level of regular parking enforcement can be carried out. The School Parking Initiative is a new approach which is aimed more at changing behaviours around school parking through education. Although this initiative will not instantly solve all the problems associated with school parking, we are confident that over time, the percentage of parents that adopt a considerate approach to parking in, and around, schools will increase.