There are a number of resource items that will assist in promoting safe and considerate parking around schools in the county.

Each item can be ordered by contacting the 3PR admin team via the contact form.

Please indicate what item/s are of interest and the quantities you require.


A5 Leaflet

The 3PR A5 leaflet outlines the 3 parking rules and is useful for general distribution. It is printed in colour and the school details can be added to the information section of the leaflet. Please select 3PR Leaflet when making your enquiry. Resource enquiry.


A4 Sign

The 3PR A4 Post Sign is a weatherproof, outdoor sign that can be attached to road signage (with local authority permission) and is useful for defining the boundaries of a school parking zone . Please select 3PR A4 Sign when making your enquiry. Resource enquiry.



The 3PR Sticker is printed in full colour with an adhesive backing that can be applied to clothing etc. They have a diameter of 6cm and are supplied on rolls. Please select 3PR Sticker when making your enquiry. Resource enquiry.



The 3PR Large Sign is designed to be located at the front of a school. It is made of a weatherproof PVC with eyelets for securing to a boundary fence with cable ties. Please select 3PR Banner when making your enquiry. Resource enquiry.