St Anne Line Catholic Junior School, Basildon

St Anne Line Catholic Infant and Junior Schools had a combined total of 418 pupils in 2017-18, living on average 1,468 metres from the school

The lower median distance of 1,026 metres suggests that a lot children live within walkable distance of the schools. Pupil survey results from the Junior school in 2004 showed that 33% of pupils walked to school then.

The schools are very close to the centre of Basildon, in a highly residential area, and if driving are found at the end of a cul-de-sac. The area has good pedestrian links with the housing areas and parks via footpaths, and access to the town centre via an underpass nearby.

The road was constantly being blocked due to cars coming and going to drop off children and being a dead-end with no turning circle and only one side of the road accessible. The situation was getting dangerous for children, and occasionally there was aggressive behaviour from parents because they were unable to exit the road.

The parking situation has improved significantly at the beginning of the school day, and has helped at the end of the school day.

The vast majority of parents are onboard with the scheme, and the response has been very positive.

The children are motivated to walk in and collect their token, and now a growing number of pupils are cycling or arriving at school on a scooter.

The monitors who give out the tokens are very enthused, and we now have a regular group of children who arrive early to be out on patrol by 8:20am.

3PR has been a great scheme to help with the dangerous situation which was occurring each day with parents parking and dropping children off, sometimes without due care. The children love collecting the tokens and receiving the award if their class had the most tokens that week.

Great idea; it’s really keeping our children safe.” – Parent

“It’s great to see the children walking to school, and the 3PR patrollers are really taking their responsibility seriously. My daughter made me park at the church so that she could walk and collect a token!” – Parent Governor.