How does 3PR work?

3PR works slightly differently at each school. Generally, a 3PR zone is implemented directly outside the school, where cars should not park. Children who enter this zone on foot, bike or scooter are given a token to take to their classroom. The class with the most tokens at the end of the week/month wins the 3PR cup and a certificate.

3PR zones are not suitable for all schools; for example, those on main roads where cars do not block the school gates but instead park in front of driveways or in other unsuitable locations.  In this case, educational material is given to children and parents and banners and signs are placed outside the school to discourage problematic parking.

How much does 3PR cost?

3PR is currently being offered to all state primary schools in the following boroughs/cities/districts:

  • North Essex: Braintree, Colchester, Epping Forest, Harlow, Tendring, Uttlesford
  • South Essex: Basildon, Brentwood, Castle Point, Chelmsford, Maldon, Rochford, Colchester
How can I get involved?

If you are a concerned teacher, school staff member, parent or resident, please contact us to find out how 3PR can help relieve parking problems in your area. An officer from SEPP or NEPP will visit the school during the morning drop-off period to assess the situation and meet with the school’s 3PR representative.

Following the initial meeting, we will create a personalised 3PR map for your school. This will be given to all children and parents to implement the 3PR zone. We will also host a launch assembly, assist with the 3PR launch morning and provide all necessary materials (banners, pavement signs, information booklets, tokens etc).

To stay up to date on 3PR, you can sign up to our newsletter.

Which schools have implemented 3PR?

We have already launched 3PR at over 40 schools across Essex. You can find out more details on our Case Studies Page.

What kind of support do schools receive?

Schools will receive all necessary resources free of charge. This includes information booklets, 3PR patrol uniforms, tokens, a trophy, railing banners and more. They will also be given the opportunity to sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date on all things 3PR.

You will also receive support from your local officer. They will carry out an initial assessment, create a personalised map, host a launch assembly and assist with the 3PR launch. Following the launch, they will be on hand to assist with any ongoing parking issues, host refresher assemblies and meet school councils to create new parking ideas and projects.