What is 3PR?

The 3PR School Parking Initiative aims to prevent inconsiderate, illegal and dangerous parking around schools. Such behaviour increases the risk of accident, reduces air quality, and causes tension between schools, parents, and the community. The initiative will not eradicate illegal or inconsiderate parking, but it will work towards changing behaviours and improving the current situation, through education and by offering the opportunity to utilise alternative parking locations and strategies.

How does 3PR work?

3PR is versatile and works differently at each school depending on their individual needs. 3PR is a school-led initiative, so will engage with the school to understand those needs and offer from a wide selection of interchangeable solutions. These solutions range from simpler educational packages to the more involved 3PR zones, walking buses, and park and strides.


3PR understands schools can be busy environments, so at any point after launch, the school can work with 3PR to change their solutions. What is important to 3PR, is we work together to find the correct combination of solutions and deliver the 3PR mission at each school.


Who can get involved and how much does 3PR cost?

3PR is available to most schools in the County of Essex, except those in the Southend-On-Sea and Thurrock Unitary Authorities’ areas.

3PR is funded by the North and South Essex Parking Partnerships, so there is no charge for any of the services it provides. However, 3PR is a school-led initiative, meaning schools may need to engage school staff, parents/guardians, pupils, and the local community to help deliver the 3PR solutions.

What support does 3PR give?

3PR will initially visit the school to assess the parking related issues outside and meet with school staff to understand their school’s individual needs. Following this assessment and meeting, 3PR will arrange for all the physical and digital resources needed to support the school with their 3PR launch. These resources include, but are not limited to:

  • Signs of different shapes, sizes, and uses,
  • Leaflets and information booklets,
  • Bespoke 3PR zone, walking bus, and park and stride maps,
  • 3PR zone tokens, collection boxes, and trophies, and
  • 3PR clothing, stationery, and accessories.

Some of these resources will be bespoke to the school, including maps and presentations, which can later be shared with parents/guardians and the wider community to help reinforce the 3PR mission.

Once arrangements are made, 3PR will visit the school to assist with the launch and host an assembly to the pupils. 3PR will then work with schools after the launch to monitor the progress of the initiative. 3PR understands schools can be busy environments, so at any point after launch, the school can work with 3PR to change their solutions, whether this is to add, amend, or remove.

Which schools have implemented 3PR?

To see the schools which have already launched the 3PR scheme, then please see our Case Studies page.

How to get involved?

If you are a concerned teacher, school staff member, parent/guardian, or member of the community, please contact us to find out how 3PR can help.

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